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my size?

don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. choose your size on every product page. need extra advice? our magical size guide will help you find your size in no time.

sustainable and affordable at the same time

people tend to associate sustainability with expensive products. we mean to challenge that perception by offering right and fair prices. that’s not only a good deal for you and our climate, but for your wallet too.

at what temperature do i wash my undies?

you don’t actually have to wash undies at 40°C unless they require extra cleaning. they’ll come at just as perfect at 30 degrees. mother nature thanks you kindly.

what about fabric softener?

of course we love the fragrance and touch of fabric softeners just as much you do. however, they’re actually very harmful to the environment. most softeners are packed with chemicals that end up in our rivers and oceans. that’s a no from us. did we mention our undies are super soft by nature?

can i just pop them in the washer?

the wild whirl of a washing machine in fight mode can cause your underwear to snag on buttons, zippers or other obstacles. a washing net or bag to protect your delicates is always a good idea. a golden tip to keep your favourite knickers spotlessly clean.

the dryer, anyone?

no dryer needed for me!


shipping costs?

yes and no. yes if you are buying less than 25 euros total, no if you are buying over 25 euros total.


when we receive your payment , an order confirmation will appear on the screen. you will also receive a confirmation email in your mailbox. problems? mail us at webshop@ndrwr.com.


we accept payments by mastercard / visa / maestro / bancontact / belfius online / ing online / kbc online / ideal. just so you know: regardless of which payment method you choose, we can only send your package once we have received the payment. alas, we can’t accept payment by bank transfer.

ndrwr is a safe space and that includes our payment methods. we work with multisafepay. these people keep everything safe for you. once you press the ‘place order’ button, you will automatically be connected with a secured page of multisafepay.

your data will only be used for the payment and will never be released to other parties.


we offer two options: delivery at your front door or pickup at a GLS pickup parcel shop. little reminder: don’t have your head stuck in the clouds and be sure to pick your order up, please. it will be waiting for you for seven days. after that, it will be sent back and you’ll be refunded. but, no undies for you. oops!

as of now, we only ship to belgium, luxembourg, france and the netherlands. let’s start there and see how soon we can offer shipment to other countries. worry not!


order tracking

the moment we ship your order (yay!), we will send you a tracking mail. you can click the link or check it on https://gls-group.com/BE/vl/pa. with the shipping confirmation you can change the address of delivery.

order delivery?

approximately 2 till 5 working days to arrive. this depends on the available stock, the chosen delivery method, your payment method and other boring details. if you haven’t received your package after 5 working days, there is something wrong. send us an email at webshop@ndrwr.com or just fill in the contact form. mention your name and order number. we’ll get back to you.

what’s our return policy?

if you want to return your ndrwr, return costs are on the customer. pack the item that you wish to return in the original shipping box and fill in the enclosed return form. do not forget to indicate on this form which items you wish to return. stick the enclosed GLS return sticker on the outside of the box, on top of your address label. please do let us know why the order did not meet your expectations.

reimbursements will be provided through the original payment method. if you paid online with a debit card or via an online banking app, the money will be refunded to the account you paid with. if you paid by credit card, the amount will appear on your next statement with plus value.

can you return to a store?

nope. why? we only sell online and don’t have a store.