FINAL backstage shoot Lieve Blanquart 25 WEB

hi, we are ndrwr.
a new belgian underwear brand.
we are honest and sustainable.

a simple idea, done well: fabulously soft, smooth and sustainable underwear offering invisible support and comfort to all genders and ages.

all ndrwr products are made of 93% lyocell for softness & sustainability and 7% elastane to make sure everything fits just right.



lyocell is a plant-based fabric made from wood and cotton waste. we get the wood pulp from sustainable eucalyptus trees and to turn it into fashionable clothing fabric, we only need water and solvent. there is way less water needed than for cotton and thanks to a closed loop system, 99% of the solvent can be recovered. nice, huh? it’s not just nicer to our planet; it also feels super nice on your skin. lyocell is softer than cotton, cooler than linen and warmer than wool. it’s a small miracle, when you think about it. it’s wrinkle-resistant and wicks moisture away from the body so it doesn’t stick to your skin, so it’s a comfort upgrade on many levels. all of these properties make us love lyocell and inspire us to make products you will love and cherish, even when you’re not thinking about how sustainable they are.

the full package

we know ‘sustainable’ and ‘honest’ are big words. and we’re definitely not perfect. nobody is. we’re embracing that simple fact by being as nice as possible, to the planet and to each other. it’s not just about our products. when you choose ndrwr, you can rest assured you’re getting the full package when it comes to sustainability. as a matter of fact, our actual packaging is plastic-free, made from recycled paper. we don’t overproduce or try to keep up with fast fashion trends just to sell more. we have 9 products and make them as comfortable and sustainable as possible, for as many people as possible.

it's all love

we celebrate the beauty of all bodies. all ndrwr products are minimal in design for maximum inclusivity. nobody’s perfect, so every body is perfect. to feel comfortable in our products, we encourage feeling comfortable in your own skin. that’s why we don’t edit out those perfect imperfections in our photography. our current size range is from xs to xxl. we consciously try to show a wide range of people in our communication, appealing to all ages and genders. we’re just starting out so we are open to suggestions. do you feel like we’re missing something? feel free to contact us on how we can do better.


a word from photographer lieve blancquaert

“getting to photograph real men and women in their underwear is a real gift for me. all my life i’ve been bothered by the image of a ‘perfect body’ we create in ad campaigns. that’s why i loved working on the first campaign for ndrwr. we had a diverse cast and our models are all perfect in their own unique way. i think non-photoshopped people are much more interesting to look at so i’m happy with the honesty of these images. people with stretch marks, shorter or longer legs, rounder or flatter buttocks, bigger or smaller boobs, wrinkles, love handles: it’s all beautiful and real.”

- Lieve Blancquaert

FINAL backstage shoot lieveblanquart 129 WEB

we are a love child of the woody family

the woody group has belgian roots in the fashion industry. our production is vertically integrated and based in turkey. our 25+ years of experience includes design and distribution of high-quality nightwear, bodywear and homewear for babies, toddlers, kids, teens, grownups, moms, dads and grandparents. when we say we love every body, we mean it.


we are member of the ‘fair wear foundation’ with leadership status

to make sure all of its 275+ employees can do their work in a fair and ethical environment, the woody group is aiming to improve the working conditions in the fashion industry supply chain together with the fair wear foundation. we are working on general sustainable improvements with the close the loop support.

by collaborating with the fair wear foundation, we agree to have our own supply chain monitored to make sure we offer freedom of trade & labour, legally binding contracts, fair wages and no exploitation, child labour or excessive working hours. need more info? keep reading.

the close the loop projects help mature fashion brands like woody to invest in and work on more sustainable working methods by providing them with experts and consultants to make a more positive impact wherever possible.

the woody group achieved fair wear's unique leader status. together we strive for safe working conditions and fair wages for our colleagues in production countries.
fair fashion, for everyone.